6 Sox players head to All Star game on a 6 game win streak

The Red Sox wrapped up the first half of their season on a high note.  After sweeping the Baltimore Orioles in an emotional series, the Red Sox enter the All-Star break on a 6 game winning streak.  They also currently hold the coveted top spot in the AL East Division, just one game ahead of the rival New York Yankees.

In 2003, Major League Baseball decided to add an extra incentive to the All Star game: the winning league earns home field advantage in the World Series.  This made the stakes much higher, especially for heavy weight contenders like the Phillies, Yankees, and Red Sox.

This year is MLB’s 82nd All-Star game and it will be played at Chase Field in Phoenix, AZ.  The American League team is heavily represented by Red Sox players including: Adrian Gonzalez starting at first base, David Ortiz starting at Designated Hitter, pitchers Josh Beckett and Jon Lester, Jacoby Elisbury in centerfield, and Kevin Youkilis at third base.  Jon Lester was recently added to the roster by player votes, replacing the Mariners’ Felix Hernandez, who became ineligible for the All-Star game when he pitched on Sunday.  Unfortunately, Lester is on the disabled list and will not be active for the game.  He will still be introduced and enjoy full honors as a 2011 All-Star.

Be sure to tune in tonight, Monday July 11, at 8:00 pm to support Adrian Gonzalez and David Ortiz in the homerun derby and again on Tuesday July 12 at 8:00 pm to cheer on the AL All-Star team.


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